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Tullamore, Victoria Community

IOEN Grid Location

Mahama Refugee Camp, Rwanda .

Status: IOEN Live

IOEN Project

Project and Goal: Reliable Clean Power

IOEN worked with MeshPower to launch a one of a kind NFT+IOEN Staking service that raised much needed capital for this Refugee Camp in Rwanda.

The campaign is part of a larger initiative by the IOEN team to raise capital for critical infrastructure and services in emerging markets. The enabled IOEN users to stake tokens to receive a 3d interactive 'card/artwork' of the facility. Ongoing trading of that asset pays royalties which are directed to the facility operators.

This pilot project raised capital to help support the installation of a PV System in the entreprueneurs marketplace in the facility and is a case study for the use of NFT technology to support those in need (social impact bonds etc.)


Mahama camp covering 175Ha of land with a total of 6,907 duplex
family shelters that accommodates 52,026 persons and 2 durable
communal accommodation blocks constructed in the camp to support
accommodate new arrivals before being relocated to empty shelters
within the camp.